Lonely/Era, Unofficial Music Videos

by Jonah Cohen

For my Capstone project, I wanted to try my hand at creating music-festival grade visuals. This would build on my extensive background of animation and photo-manipulation, and more recently acquired skills, namely visuals composition in Resolume, and the many facets of 3D software. I chose to make the majority of the projects in Blender instead of C4D, as Blender's Eevee render engine is the fastest available to me, before putting them through Resolume for color-to-sound modulation. What really defines the highest tier of these kinds of animations, is their dedication to one song. It is fairly easy to throw a bunch of stuff together with sound modulation, I've been commissioned to do so live, in real-time, several times. Making a video specifically for a song is far more difficult, this whole process required hundreds of hours behind the computer.

Lonely V2.3

Unofficial music video for Lonely, by Illenium.

What initially drew me towards making a video for this song, is that an official music video is yet to be released. I specifically wanted to do this for 2 or more very different songs, and this well suited one side of the spectrum. Additionally, I had a mostly clear vision of what I wanted  to create for this song compared to others. I'm particularly pleased with the volumetric textures that were used to make the clouds for this project, and hope you enjoy it.

Era V3

Unofficial music video for Era (Eptic remix), by RL Grime.

When I was choosing songs to make animations for, this one stood out for the particularly clear vision I had for it. Additionally, it covered the heavier side of the spectrum, though I worry some may not enjoy this kind of sound. I'm very happy with how close I was able to approximate my initall drawings, even after some loss in quality after Resolume.

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