A Love Letter to Boulder

by Jeremy Elder & Nick Goldman
2:05 | 25 still images

This advertisement explores life and nature in Boulder through a poetic lens. Raw and emotional cinematography blended with impactful voiceover portrays Boulder in its best light. Through the ad, viewers connect with the beauty of Boulder and the brands that fuel its lifestyle.

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This project is primarily video-focused and centered around Boulder with footage flowing from morning to night, season to season. From iconic locations in Boulder to under the icy waters, the pacing is fast and slow. The film’s style invites the viewer to see all angles of Boulder through intimate moments. From children playing in a park to designers sketching product ideas, and climbers running up the flatirons, the diversity of passions and activities are what make up this community. Boulder is a calm, brilliant, creative, adventurous place and these characteristics are all highlighted throughout our video.

Product Photography for Seltzer Companies - Snow Melt & Big Sky
The second section of this project is Photography. Using an animated aesthetic, lifestyle shots and set design specifically tailored to individual products, we created post ready content and superimposed these shots onto billboards, timelines, and other paid advertising locations.