Department of Critical Media Practices

Sofia Peña y Lillo My Family of Immigrants 

Xindong Chen  GLOOMYNIGHT  

Matt Shanahan The Gunner’s Dream 

Mesa Martorell F A M ILY 

Kelsey Schaefer  Breathe 

Luke Sauls I Grew Up On YouTube 

Delaney Schoenfeldt Ann, I, and You  

Danielle Brown This Military Life 

Logan Bonjean Andris  Bonjean  

Sam Sanders The Legend of Normamu  

Michelle Rupprecht 817 

Twenty Twenty Sydney Engel 

Alec Leddon Cosmic Cruisin’ 

Sarah Bustamante 9 Planetary Limits 

Bella McCloskey Difficult Damsels 

Nick Mundinger Molasses Fire WIP  

Evan Boretz  Akedah 

Jeremy Elder & Nick Goldman A Love Letter to Boulder 

Cole Hemstreet  Truly Noble Souls 

Spencer Manchuck 2020 

Erik Rivera </3 EP ero808 </3 EP 

Fletcher Evilsizer SHAOUND 

Jackson Landis  SideQuest 

 Jack McLaughlin axolotl EP 

Hunter Reichers Interactive EDM Exploration 

Ben Hoban Tank Commander 

Holly Riordan Wish You Were Here 

Max Liebers Inside the Instrument 

Jakob Siegel Chionophiles 

Gabriel Kawamura The Hope Equation 

Siyi Tang Stare at Your Own Body 

Jonah Cohen Lonely/Era, Unofficial Music Videos  

Craig DeFeo Zoso DeFeo 

Sara Shaffer DISCORD 

Taylor Salazar REVERIE 

Jessica Raney Raney Forecast  

Ian Fauconier A Routinely Drive 

Keighlee Riggan  (not just a) Resident Advisor 

Brian Bergman The Great Colorado Drought 

Wuyinan “Jaycee” Yuan COVID 19 

Andrew Bierman Traipse 

Nick Goldman & Jeremy Elder A Love Letter to Boulder 

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